Our Services


We provide personalized quality care from caring people
whose entire focus is healing, health and wellness.

IT IS… what our patients expect! IT IS… what we deliver!

• We respect and protect your rights as a patient
• We deliver our services with expertise and caring
• We respond to your needs in a timely manner
• We give you the time to discuss your issues and concerns
• And most importantly, we listen!


Comprehensive Work-up

As a new patient, it is important that we gather an accurate and complete profile of your current health status, lifestyle choices, and personal goals as they relate to your overall wellbeing.  We perform a complete patient evaluation, which includes a complete past and current medical history, physical examination, laboratory tests, or other diagnostic procedures to acquire an accurate database upon which a diagnosis and treatment plan may be established.


Care and Treatment

Subsequent to your intial workup, we prepare a personalized plan of care and treatment that is unique to your specific health status.  Because we put a great deal of emphasis on preventative care, education and support, your commitment to our prescribed treatment plan will have the greatest impact on your well being and maintenance of your health.


Patient Education

AETC General Medicine/Primary Care is a strong advocate of patient education.
(See Patient Education) It has been found that patients who have a strong understanding of their disease or illness are much more likely to recover fully and not experience repeated setbacks.



As general medicine/primary care practitioners, our role is to support your long-term healthcare and wellness. 

We provide diagnostic services such as Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Cardio Metabolic Panel, Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis, NMR Lipid Panel, and treatment regimens when needed and act as your health coach to help you maintain and sustain the best of health.

Philosophy of Care

We believe in a collaborative partnership with our patients… one that recognizes their goals and objectives for good health, and encourages them through education and support.  We believe achievement of a balanced and healthy lifestyle must be firmly rooted in a patient’s commitment and acceptance of personal responsibility.

We direct our efforts to deliver quality care to individuals by providing them with a comprehenisve workup, support, care and treatment specically tailored to maintaining their health in the best of condition.

Our services are focused on comprehensive adult care addressing a wide range of medical issues; including acute issues, chronic conditions such as heart failure, diabetes and high blood pressure and preventative health care. When indicated, we refer to specialty care for any issues that need further specialized attention.

We believe in providing quality care with high standards, integrity and caring.